TO ACT: Every business in the food industry should have an idea, money, vision, desire and required permits.
TO SUCCEED: Your business will need much more: To maintain proper working conditions and compliance procedures, to choose the right suppliers and employees, to make the right investments in product and menu development, to answer the needs of your customers, and to be constantly exposed to new ideas and innovations.

And let's not forget you'll need control and balance all these factors. A lot to keep track of . . . too much to do!
Exactly why we're here.

Culinary advice

Biofod was established out of a desire to provide a full range of services to businesses in the food and beverage industry.

We will: advise when needed, assist with changes, implement investment initiatives, train your employees, and even shake things up a bit when you need it!

Biofod's staff is made up of professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of the food industry: food technologists, culinary consultants, marketing personnel, food safety and sanitation experts, kitchen and restaurant architects, and Cordon Bleu chefs.

מבחני טעימה

Food technologist

If you're a new business (or even if your business is still just an idea), we are here to help you every step of the way.

Your idea will soon become reality as we assist you with permits, business licenses, menu and product development, space acquisition, and more.

And if you're already past the startup phase, Biofood is here to make your existing enterprise even more successful by helping you choose suppliers, manage costs, train employees, and even assist in designing

and constructing a new plant or production facility!
If you are a food manufacturer, our professional staff can conduct tests and reviews (including taste tests when necessary), train your employees regarding hygiene and food safety compliance, provide tools for new product development, formulate and implement operating procedures, promote your product with the representation of a chef, and much more!

And if you are looking to bring a new product, raw material, or food-related service to the Israeli marketplace, Biofood is ready to serve as your Israeli Culinary Ambassador!

We can help you cut through all the red tape and import regulations.

We'll help you find the right importer, local manufacturers interested in utilizing your raw materials, local businesses to market

your product, and consumers who want to eat or drink it.

We can do everything from taste-testing your product or menu to make sure it appeals to the Israeli consumer to helping you build an Israeli factory !

And we're even ready to hop on the first flight to meet you on your home turf to assist with everything from menu development to the intricacies of Kosher (and non-Kosher) food preparation.

No matter what your niche in the food and beverage industry, Biofood's years of experience and training are here at your command.

Start your business, build your business, expand and grow your business . . . all with expert guidance every step of the way.

Contact Biofood today to make us your partner in making your Israeli culinary dreams come true!

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